Between me and the lovely woman I’m married to, we share thousands of memories that I’d never trade for anything in the world. Our pictures told and tell a story. They help us to give thanks when times are good, and weather the storm when times are hard.

But my childhood wasn't like that. My pictures showed a lot, but they told very little. They don't speak of the rare times when Pa brought me to fly a kite, or of the warmth I felt when Ma bought me a packet of Magnolia milk from the mama shop downstairs before sending me to the nanny. They were always about the big moments — always posed, always self-conscious and always glamorous. The small moments take a backseat, as if never important enough.


Yet it is in our daily lives, our daily grinds and all the moments that make them up that make us who we are. It is in that quiet moment when my wife sets up our dinner table for us, or that smile when I tell her the cooking is Awesome with a capital ‘A’. These are precious moments, never captured, and always taken for granted.

So I got inspired, and I wanted everyone to remember their little moments that would make up big memories one, two, ten years down the road. No need for make-up, no need for posed smiles, and definitely no need for glamour. And this was exactly what the Ang family showed. Following them around the whole day and documenting their lives gave me more than peeks into their family. I caught the children’s innocence, the parents’ love spelt out in actions and the memories that they would all cherish years down the road.

This year, Plush Photography is setting aside three “A Day in the Life" sessions. If you or families you know are interested in documenting the little moments in a typical day in life, send me a note at, with the subject titled “A Day in the Life Session”. I’d be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions you have. Let this video inspire and move you forwards building a bank of beautiful memories for you and your loved ones today.