He proposed💍 and you said YES!. Woohoo!

Hi, I’m Eadwine but you can call me Ead— your friendly, goofy, quiet observer and cheerleader on your big day.

So look, by now, you’ve seen a couple of wedding photography sites and already getting overwhelmed with choices. How are you ever going to pick THE Wedding Photographer for you?
You deserve great wedding photos! They will be one of the few treasured things you get to keep from your wedding day, forever.

If you’re looking for someone to just click the shutter or shopping around for the cheapest deal, I might not be the right photographer for you. And that's all right; I want you to have the photographer that suits your needs.

But if you’re the type of couple who likes the candid and the natural, then that’s great! Because we've got something in common. No cookie-cutter pictures for you. No looking awkward and posed. Just shots that will bring out the best in both of you, naturally.

More than just about getting that Instagram-worthy photo, I want both of you to have the time of your lives. In front of the camera, your comfort is my highest priority. At your wedding, it’ll be like hanging out with a friend instead of a stranger with a camera. So trust me— I've got you🙌🏼.

Over the years I've learnt that the key to great wedding photos is knowing the couples and taking a genuine interest in them. Your love story is important, and so is capturing it on the big day. You won’t just be getting nice photos. You'd be getting great moments—moments you almost forgot about or didn’t even notice, moments you’ll both cherish and never forget.

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