Random thoughts in the search for “meaningfulness”?

How is a photograph or a captured moment going to impact or be meaningful to a person in 5 or even 10 years time? How would one weigh its value?

From the context of a Wedding, even though It’s hard and almost impossible to make every single image count, you still try to.

You become the observer, a preserver of memories. But let’s be realistic for a moment, not every image is going to be THAT all magical perfect one. You still try your best to document the day as it is, the job still gets done.

More depth, less fluff. 
Something that I have to remind myself not to be too caught up in, the Fluff. The next shiny new thing(latest trends, editing preset/technique, etc). 
We chase after all these so often that at the end of the day, it becomes really short lived (anyone remembers selective coloured photos and textured images?)
Instead of using the words “timeless” and “moment” to death, we need to SHOW it more and say it less.

This is more of a reminder to myself, to be mindful and to always look for the “meaningfulness” in life.