Vandana & Reemt


Celebrating with Vandana and Reemt👫// During our first meeting together I recalled telling Reemt, “Hey, nice T-shirt”. He was wearing one that had “Random Ang Moh” printed on it which Vandana got for him🤣.(I appreciated their kind of humor already) It was technically my first time covering an Indian Wedding ceremony and I was thankful that Vandana’s sister took the time to run through with me what I needed to pay attention to. But more importantly, throughout the 3 days I got to experience what a Wedding celebration should really be like; Honest, Warm and Fun! Family and loved ones from all over coming together to celebrate the union of two wonderful people. Taking the time to engage with people that matter. And on top of all that, I really really enjoyed seeing both Vandana and Reemt🕺🏼💃🏻enjoy themselves, partying with their guest. A Wedding to remember 😃