Ben & Ena Ties The Knot


What do you say to a client who also happens to be a wedding photographer, and a client who asks if you’re willing to be his eyes for the most important day of his life?
You say three things.

Number 1: “What, really??”
Number 2: “For real?.”
Number 3: “HELL YEAH!!!!”

Then you proceed to shed a tear, because you’re so touched he gives you that much trust.

And that’s what happened for me with Ben and Ena. Ben, the photographer who is always so excited to shoot for others, was now getting shot by me! My camera, my cupid arrows and my 100% commitment to this Wedding.

So thank you Ben and Ena, for allowing me to be part of this beautiful day. Thank you for being so supremely chill, for trusting me to do my thing, and for making this entire ceremony nothing short of uber fun.